Most Commercialized Time of the Year

It is time, when the dark creeps. The darker months, when friends and family gather round the fire, to seek protection from the encroaching dark and cold. What once was Yule, a pagan tradition, has since been bastardized and commercialized as “Christmas”. Thanks to Christians and their endless crusade to convert over pagans to their (at the time) new religion. Personally, I don’t care for any Abrahamic religion. I grew up Catholic, had it shoved down my throat all my young life. That aside though, I do still enjoy the holidays.

It’s the childhood nostalgia for me. It gives you warm, fuzzy feelings inside when you think back to that early childhood when you didn’t have to worry about bills, taxes, a job and had no responsibilities. When we were still so full of hopes and dreams and our little hearts were so fresh and unknowing of the harsh reality of the world. So we as a people cling to long standing, family traditions in a vain attempt to recapture that pure, innocent feeling of Christmases long long ago.

So bring in that pagan pine tree and decorate it’s corpse and prop it up in the living room! Right up in front of the bay windows so the neighbors can see how well off we are! Drink your merry drinks and celebrate the not historically accurate time of baby Jesus’ “birth”. Bring on the corporate greed! Max out those credit cards! Spend spend all your money and more! Personally, as I’ve grown older, I have come to realize, material goods come and go, but memories never tarnish. Spending time with loved ones, making new memories, laughing at old ones is what’s important.

It’s very sad that my memory has deteriorated to such a degree thanks to long term depression/mental illness. It’s so bizzare, it feels like amnesia to be honest. I always see amnesia used as a plot convenience here and there and it’s relateable. Obviously I know who I am, where I work, the basics. However memories from childhood are few and far between. Even from a few years ago, it all almost blends together now. We cling to what memories we do remember, even if they are seen through rose-tinted glasses.

We have a few little/kid alters, of varying ages. Aela, Shyanne and Isura. We have made sure to buy them some toys and wrapped them up “from Santa” for them. Why should we crush their dreams, we feel we should nurture them, not to pressure them to “grow up”. Their innocence and youth is a gift and helps us see the world through a child’s eyes at times. Because of them, and as I said, nostalgia, we participate in the annual holiday buying bonanza. Oh yeah, annual reminder to never donate to the Salvation Army. They refuse to help LGBT people in need and are incredibly biased. I will end it here as I don’t want to rant anymore than I already have. Have a safe holiday for those that do participate. Happy Yule!



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