Getting to know us

Herewithin is a short guide as to which personality is which, since we are many and at times even to ourselves, it is difficult to remember. Especially since some are much more active than others. We deal with I guess it’s called Dissociative Identity Disorder and are a system of multiple personalities. It is not exactly as in the movies though. We are trying to deal with this to the best of our abilities and trying to not let that define us. We will try to pin this as a good guide in case anyone is wondering who wrote which blog.

Roxas — She/Her pronouns. The main host, holds alot of the childhood memories. Is a kitsune spirit, age unknown.

Shyanne — She/Her. The baby, she is roughly toddler age and sometimes age slides a little younger at times. Innocent and must protect at all costs. She is a alien foxtaur.

Elias — They/Them. The Sage, an ancient and wise serpentine dragon that has decided to help us and offer his wisdom, should we be willing to accept it.

Isura — She/Her. The Bookworm, she is very timid and shy. Early twenties I would guess and is a mutant with multiple tentacles instead of legs. Keeps to herself alot.

Aela — She/Her. The brat. In her pre-teens, she is a naga/lamia and very energetic, likes to think she is in control of everything and get her way.

Scarlet — They/Them/It. The goth/sadist. Centuries old eldrich horror/ambomination. Very twisted, has two forms, one to blend in with humanity. Very sick sense of human and nihilist.

Toby — He/Him. The perv. Perhaps the embodiment of our sexuality, he is a cow and has many kinks (don’t worry, we won’t list them.). Frequently at odds with Scarlet.

Brian — He/Him. The tech. He is a male centaur in his late 20s and has a thing for retro tech. Wishes he had the know-how to repair older tech but doesn’t know how to yet.

Zac — It. The “villian”. Embodiment of our self-doubts, criticisms and inner hatred. It is locked away deep inside.



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Astral Orphan

Astral Orphan

We are a system of personalities suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder. Lover of the strange and unusual and frequent mental health sufferer. They/Them